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Trend forecasting is one of the most exciting areas of fashion industry.

In this course you will not only be trained to be the “visionary”, but also will learn how to apply this information in the real world.

Projects, collaborations and field trips have included world leading trend agencies such as Li Edelkoorts, Trendunion (Paris) WGSN (London) and Trendstop (London) to name a few.

Your work will receive global exposure through our institute established connections and international exhibitions. You will also get invaluable real life experience with numerous international internship opportunities including Paris, London, Dubai, Taiwan and Bangkok. This course helps students use their acquired techniques and skills to work in Fashion and the Creative Fields as a Trend Forecaster and Trend Specialist. In the current economic climate, companies increasingly value this information in order to stay a step ahead. Trend forecasting is a highly complex and intricate field that can add value to many businesses.

This degree provides an understanding of the global tendencies and ingredients that will dictate future trends, and ultimately consumer behavior. You will learn how to analyze cultural ideas and phenomena, and translate them not only to fashion, but to any given design field (e.g., textile, furniture, automotive, etc.). You will study a number of subjects that relate to the field of trends. You will be exposed to contemporary culture and a modern way of thinking that will create a solid base for you to master forecasting.



APPLICATION DEADLINE: 10 March (EU Citizen) / 10 February (NON-EU Citizen)


EMPLOYEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Trend Forecaster, Trend Analyser, Trend Designer, Colour and Material Specialist, Futurologist, Consumer Behaviourist, Creative Strategist, Creative Director.

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